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"Successfully guiding our clients to their environmental, health and safety goals for 16 years and counting..."
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure and Assessment services are provided by SAGE in an effort to evaluate site conditions and document activities associated with UST closure. 
“Brownfields” are abandoned or underutilized commercial or industrial sites whose redevelopment has been hampered by real or perceived environmental issues (i.e., contamination). SAGE Environmental professionals have been involved in the redevelopment of almost one third of the Brownfields sites in Rhode Island to date.
SAGE Environmental's NEPA Services : Any federally licensed project requires applicants to evaluate their proposed projects potential impact issues related to the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) or similar state requirements.  NEPA seeks to consider a proposed projects potential impacts to wilderness areas, wildlife preserves, endangered species or critical habitats, Native American religious sites, historic sties and flood plains.
SAGE Environmental's Wetlands Delineation Services: Due to current regulatory conditions, analysis and delineation of Wetland related areas must be completed, and possible project impacts must be recognized before the commencement of any project. SAGE  Environmental's Wetland Scientists have the experience to help guide your project through state, local and Federal wetland regulatory issues.

MassDEP Analyst, Molly Cote, joins SAGE

SAGE is pleased to announce the addition of Molly Fontaine Cote as Senior Project Manager.  Molly comes to SAGE after fourteen years as an Environmental Analyst with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup.  While at MassDEP, Molly managed numerous complex projects that involved multiple Bureaus at MassDEP and several other state, local and federal agencies and programs. Molly’s intimate knowledge of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (the MCP), the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA’s) National Contingency Plan (the NCP) and various other regulations and MassDEP policies and guidance is an invaluable asset to SAGE and its clients.  Molly has outstanding relationships with regulators, municipalities, the regulated community and other parties interested in addressing properties with various environmental issues, be it contamination, wetlands, zoning and redevelopment issues.


Some highlights of Molly’s regulatory and/or technical stewardship on numerous complex assessment and remediation projects include: the Parker Street Waste Site (≈$10MM), the former Aerovox facility (≈$25MM), the former Payne Cutlery & Elco Dress Sites (≈$1MM), the Railroad Depot (≈$6MM), the former Cliftex Site, the New Bedford Marine Commerce Center at South Terminal (≈$5MM), the New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site (≈$450MM) and the Sullivan’s Ledge Superfund Site (≈$20MM), to name but a few.


Molly has extensive experience working with regional and statewide Brownfields Coordinators, the USEPA, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, MassDevelopment, MassDEP’s Bureaus of Resource Protection and Waste Prevention, municipalities, potential purchasers and developers, community groups and other entities to facilitate the successful assessment, cleanup and redevelopment of Brownfields sites.  Molly also managed Targeted Brownfields Site Assessments at municipally-owned properties and served as a MassDEP point of contact for clean/renewable energy matters and on the MassDEP’s Green/Sustainable Remediation Workgroup.


During her career, Molly has served as technical liaison with the City of New Bedford Mayor’s Office and other City departments on a myriad of environmental issues as well as prepared clearance documentation for Community Development Office projects funded with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assistance.  She also served on the New Bedford Conservation Commission.


We look forward to utilizing Molly’s extensive experience as we guide clients through the complexities of owning, purchasing, selling, developing and/or redeveloping properties affected by various environmental issues.


I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with so many talented people at MassDEP, other agencies, including the USEPA, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, MassDevelopment, municipal representatives, developers, property owners, homeowners and interested citizens.  I have learned a great deal from my experiences as to how to address complex environmental issues at a variety of properties.  I look forward to utilizing this knowledge in my new position with SAGE and am confident that we will be able to apply this expertise to guide and assist our clients including property owners, prospective purchasers, developers and others as they seek to address the environmental challenges facing them.  Thanks again to all at MassDEP, and I look forward to this new venture here at SAGE.


Molly can be reached by calling (401) 723-9900 x.127 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .





SAGE Performs One Of The First "Dig and Haul's" Under RIDEM's New Policy

On December 12, 2012 The Society of American Military Engineers and the Rhode Island Society of Environmental Professionals presented new Guidelines for Expedited Excavation and Disposal Response Actions.  This new “Dig and Haul Policy” establishes removal and disposal guidelines for no more than 1,000 Cubic Yards of contaminated soil per Site. Under the new policy, SAGE Assessed and removed approximately 400 Cubic Yards of arsenic impacted soils that were the result of an arsenic based pesticide application on a former Olmstead Brothers designed landscape in an East Bay community.  The new "Dig and Haul" policy allowed the expediting of assessment, remediation, and administrative closure of the Site.   A "No Further Action" letter was then obtained from the Department.

What does this mean for Rhode Island?  Expedited remediation will move certain properties more quickly towards the goal of Site Closure.

For more information, or to discuss the new Dig & Haul Policy further, please Contact:

Rick Mandile, Principal
P: 401-723-9900 X107
F: 401-723-9973
C: 508-636-3978
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Гонсалес ""внимательно посмотрел на свои руки.

Как бы там ни было, Даре Вортингтон сообщили, что "Снежная королева книга"доктор Римо и доктор Чиун погибли "Киев адресная книга"во время аварии джипа в ""Увенде.

Чиун плавно поднялся с пола будто вырос из него, как подсолнечник.

Ответ Василия произвел впечатление на коллегу, которому понравилось описание разных ""уровней мозговой деятельности и этапов распознания объекта при зрительном контакте.

Передние наверняка уже успели доскакать до пришельцев, вспороть им животы, вынуть внутренности, кто-то уже выколол им ""острием пики глаза, и уже ""в чьей-нибудь седельной сумке лежат их половые органы.

Мастер Синанджу появился в дверях, словно разъяренный демон.

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Значит, он чувствует, что что-то не так.

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Но боль была слишком сильной, чтобы я мог помнить что-нибудь, кроме самой боли.

Он повертывался то ""Тигры" в грязи. Воспоминания немецкого танкиста. 1941-1944"в одну, то в другую сторону, "Небесная 911: Как обращаться за помощью к правому полушарию мозга"время от времени бил хвостом, и брызги летели фонтаном.

На это была "Огород без хлопот"своя причина, о которой мы вкратце сейчас и расскажем.

Тем временем "Смерть это все мужчины"негр сбегал к ручью, наполнил "Иллюстрированный травник. 350 видов лекарственных растений"один из своих грубых башмаков водой "Доктор Живаго: Роман"и, вернувшись, смыл с моей руки табачный сок.

Я не "Контрапункт"замечал, смотрел ли молодой индеец восторженным взглядом на мою сестру "Одинокая война. Неизвестный подвиг 385-й стрелковой дивизии"и отвечала ли она ему "Чудо-сказки для малышей"тем же.

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Дорогой, мне ужасно неприятно говорить тебе об этом, но я люблю другого.


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